MiDash makes selling more efficient, more effective.

MiDash is built by a team of real estate veterans. Our software’s purpose is to make your sales process easier, more effective, and more useful. As we develop every feature in our software, we always ask ourselves: How would this feature make selling simpler, better and faster for its user?


Easily send sales kits regardless of distance

Upload all sales-related materials into the Sales Kit section and you don’t have to worry about carrying loads of heavy brochures. Show them pictures, plans and layouts with your MiDash Sales Kit. You can also download, print, or email these materials to your clients.

The sales kit allows easy updating and propagation of sales materials regardless of geographic distance to sales agents.

MiDash Sales Kit

Make inventory real-time and accessible

Dissemination of Inventory data is critical to any real estate process. It is also MiDash’s cornerstone feature.

The Inventory is an interactive representation of the project where agents can check a unit’s availability and make reservations on behalf of clients right then and there. This eliminates the hassle of back and forth communication just to update Inventory with your sales agents on the field. With a payment portal, buyers can pay the reservation fee on the spot.

MiDash Inventory and Reservation System

Empower your sales agents with the right tools

You cannot control results but you can control your sales agents to be more proactive in engaging prospects. MiDash’s CRM allows sales agents to set reminders like setting up a client for a site visit, setting a reminder to make a call, or send a project brochure.

All these become a personalized To-Do list in the dashboard, reminding your sales agents to take critical actions that drive deals towards completion. And this act of engagement automatically creates a prospect or buyer report as it is all recorded in the client’s individual profile.

MiDash CRM

Keep track of your sales funnel with Prospect Sales Stages

Moving the prospects according to its proper sales stage is as simple as clicking on Qualification, and choosing the appropriate stage. If the prospect showed interest in the property and is willing to do a site visit, then move that prospect to its respective stage.
If your business has a problem of procrastination, MiDash’s Sales Stage will be a constant reminder for your sales agents to take action.
MiDash Sales Stages

Put your sales agents in a position where all they have to do is sell

Not all real estate companies have marketing teams dedicated at lead generation. Also, when your team of real estate sales agents lead generate, the focus on selling is lost. For this reason, MiDash’s newest feature is an online pre-qualified lead source with a guaranteed monthly minimum number of prospects. So your sales agents will concentrate on one thing that matters: selling.
MiDash Lead Generation