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PAIN POINTS: Lost opportunities from own disorganized database management
SOLUTION: MiDash’s AutoLead Funnel and CRM functionalities

In 2016, Ayala Land signed on to use MiDash to manage their database better,  to centralize and maximize it further, and to ensure that they are better serviced and maintained, enabling Ayala to exponentially lower their acquisition cost per buyer in the long run.

Phinma Properties

PAIN POINTS: More sales and better and more efficient sales and database management system
SOLUTION: MiDash and MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

In 2017, Phinma and its hundreds of sales agents will have an easier time selling its 7 real estate projects nationwide with MiDash, since it will enable them to synchronize information and data, and effectively enabling them to SELL BETTER, SELL FASTER, and SELL MORE. They needed to expand their sales channel, so they subscribed to the MiDash Plus Service, also known as Smart Prospecting, an advanced form of lead generation, where only pre-qualified leads are generated for them.


PAIN POINTS: Cutting edge sales process, expanded sales channel
SOLUTION: MiDash and the MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

Cebu-based Citrineland became known locally for its distinctive designs and dynamic way of selling their projects. However, they needed to keep themselves in the forefront of the real estate industry in Cebu and to keep its reputation in the industry. They subscribed to both the MiDash and a MiDash Plus service to ensure that they are ahead of the curve.


PAIN POINTS: Generating buyers online for the brand new Bloq Residences brand
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’s Smart Prospecting Service

Acropolis Land, with its signature development, Bloq Residences, subscribed to MiDash Plus (Smart Prospecting Service) for the sole purpose of pre-selling Bloq Residences units. MiDash Plus was able to generate more than enough Smart Prospects to sell out Bloq 1 within 4 months, and to generate a long list of waitlisted buyers for their Bloq 2, 3 and 4 projects – well in advance of their original target launch.

Rockwell Primaries

PAIN POINTS: Expand their Sales Channel
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

Rockwell Primaries needed a strong brand presence online as they were used to the traditional way of selling and marketing their properties (print ads, billboards), thus, they subscribed to the MiDash Plus service – giving them pre-qualified leads (Smart Prospects) specific to their project.


PAIN POINTS: Automating and digitizing their sales process, database management

Italpinas prides itself for being a pioneer both in concept and in green developments, thus, moving towards a paperless system is a natural path to them. MiDash provided a perfect fit for their concept as it makes the sales process automated and digital.


PAIN POINTS: Branding their developments, and generating leads online
SOLUTION: MiDash and the 360 VST (Virtual Site Tour) functionality

Landco needed an efficient solution to sell their developments in the overseas market. They were particularly enthusiastic about one of the features of the MiDash’s e-Sales Kit, the 360 VST (Virtual Site Tour). It is most useful in off-site selling, as the VST gave a better experience to the buyer than watching a video. also created a Landco App, where all the VSTs of their 10 projects are housed, and can be accessed by their potential buyers.


PAIN POINTS: Expanding their sales channel, a better branding online, and better sales system
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting and Branding Awareness Campaign services

Johndorf needed to differentiate itself from its competitors, so they subscribed to MiDash Plus Services, the BAC (Branding Awareness Campaigns) and the SP (Smart Prospecting) services. They also subscribed to the use of MiDash system to automate their sales process. Their sales team is purely made up of independent, accredited brokers (no in-house team), thus, it was crucial to have everyone work in the same platform, to synchronize the information and the data that they require to effectively sell.

New Nordic Group

PAIN POINTS: Expand to new markets
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

New Nordic, through their affiliate, Asian Investment, wanted a stronger online presence and to generate a different market from their current ones (Russians and Chinese), thus, they subscribed to the MiDash Plus Service – this time, targeting other international markets.

Deca Homes

PAIN POINTS: Sell out their massive inventory of housing units nationwide
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

Deca Homes has a massive inventory of about 15 000 units nationwide, and they needed to sell them faster and more efficiently, thus, a combined subscription for MiDash and MiDash Plus was their choice. MiDash Plus was able to generate over 3000 Smart Prospects within a period of 3 months.

The Mango Grove

PAIN POINTS: Improved Project Branding, selling out the units and an improved sales process
SOLUTION: MiDash and MiDash Plus’ BAC and Smart Prospecting Services

The Mango Grove is an old development that got a bad reputation when it first launch. It needed a refreshed and improved image to compete with the new developments in the area. The Developers also engaged a new marketing team to sell out the project – which in turn, engaged Getmore to do the online sales and marketing of the project for them. It needed a whole new system as well as a whole new way of selling these units. MiDash became their sales tool and system, and MiDash Plus generated thousands of Smart Prospects for the project.

GFL Metro Communities

PAIN POINTS: Additional sales channel for their project
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

GFL subscribed to the MiDash Plus service to help sell their latest project, Nerou at the Elements, in Pasig. In 3 months we gave them access to hundreds of leads. The MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting service also provided them with a distinctive online presence and footprint that they otherwise didn’t have prior to our engagement.


PAIN POINTS: Sell out their RFO units quickly
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

Monarch Suites, through their partners, sought out some assistance in selling over 120 RFO units in this famed development by the Bay City area. MiDash Plus was their service of choice. Within a period of 3 months, 156 Smart Prospects have been generated through the MiDash Plus subscription.

Datem Homes

PAIN POINTS: Selling their first development, Urban Hive Palms
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting

Datem Homes, a renowned contracting company, has created their first residential development in Davao City, the Urban Hive Palms. Being new in the game, they needed a sales system and a new way of selling their project. MiDash equipped the young sales team with a strong system, and our MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting service provided all the pre-qualified leads for the project.

Ortigas & Company

PAIN POINTS: An improved sales process and system

OCLP is in the middle of an important merger with one of the biggest developers in the land. In the meantime, they needed a better sales system that will enable them to maximize their small sales team. MiDash provided the kind of efficiency that they need.