Your Real Estate Sales Agents Lead Generating? Please Say It Ain’t So

Your Real Estate Sales Agents Lead Generating? Please Say It Ain't So

Perception has become both sales and marketing’s Problem du Jour. Let me explain with a story.

About a month ago I had a chat with a friend over tea whom I’ll refer to as ‘John’. He’s a budding entrepreneur who’s just entered into the real estate scene. And me being a digital marketer with focus in real estate, it was natural that the course of our discussion eventually ended up about his real estate business.

It turned out that John was facing the same challenges that most real estate brokerage firms face. To cite an example, he doesn’t know which tasks his team of eight sales agents needs to focus on. So they do everything, or at least try to, like an all-in-one “super sales team”, from lead generating to prospecting to negotiating and closing.

As a result, his cost per lead is abnormally high.

I am a huge believer of specialized teams handling specific work. For me, throwing lead generation into a salesperson’s schedule is a big no-no as this will hamper their capacity to do what you want them to focus on, which is selling.

Specialization as a “Way to Go”

In some sectors the ability to multi-task is indispensable. Like customer service, project management and some healthcare professions, these are prime examples of a job where the ability to do so is required.

But in marketing and sales, where tasks require some level of consideration and attention the method of multi-tasking becomes significantly inefficient. Also, when your team of real estate sales agents lead generate, the focus on selling is lost. This makes them less determined to chase a lead. And they’d probably be terrible at lead generation too, since their skill set is geared towards nurturing prospects.

Therefore, the best scenario to get things done is to put sales agents in a position where all they have to do is sell. Just imagine the increase in your revenue if your sales agents only have to worry about closing leads and not having to care about generating them. I bet sales teams would love that set up, too, since it makes them more productive and losing a selling opportunity equals losing potential commissions from them.

Back to John.

Like most entrepreneurs, John isn’t a marketer; he’s sales. He’s passionate at what he does but somewhere is a perception that is faulty, like putting too many responsibilities into a sales role. That he can live without a marketing team and make up the shortfall by expecting his team to lead generate.

I’ll share with you what I told John that day.

Every hour your sales agents spend lead generating is an hour less spent on selling. Perhaps it’s time to look into putting people into that marketing role. Treat your sales agents as a precious resource, a specialized tool that you want to use only to sell, using it on where it is designed to be used—in front of the prospects.

That way you maximize the profit potential of your business.

What do you guys and gals think? Is it okay for your sales agents to lead generate, or would you rather build a new team specifically for that role?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

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