About Us

We're a property technology company and a solutions provider specializing in the real estate industry.

Today, innovation is a necessity in order for your business to succeed. You have to update systems or build new ones in order to sell better and faster. The failure to innovate means getting left behind by your competitors.

Data driven decision-making has become a huge factor with most businesses. You make decisions now because you gathered data in the past. In order for your business to thrive and succeed, you—the leader—have to have the longest view in the room.

Our solutions will help give you that view.

By disrupting your old system of doing things, driving innovation in your processes, and providing you the tools to achieve that.

Our mission is to close the tech gap between and among BUILDERS, BROKERS, AND BUYERS.


GetMore.ph staff

You're in good company.

We’re composed of sales veterans, licensed brokers, software developers, and marketing professionals. We’re also food lovers, movie aficionados, computer game geeks, book worms, lightweight drinkers, lousy singers, terrible dancers, frustrated models…


We’re everyday folks coming from all walks of life. We’re passionate at what we do and we strive to build relationships that last.

GetMore - Grace Granlund
Grace Granlund, Founder/CEO
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Ian Callet, Founder/Tech Evangelist
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Jojie Gabayan, Finance
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Riena Fernandez, HR/Office Manager
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Heinrich Lee Yu, CTO
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King James Torres, Developer
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Inaki Ibarra, Developer
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Sarah Florido, Biz Dev Manager
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Cloyd Waldo, Marketing Manager
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Ence Bornales, Marketing Strategist
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Theon Kyne Dy, Marketing Strategist
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Oliver Calimbo, Multimedia Specialist
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June Pauline Rodill, Project Manager