Sell Better, Sell Faster, and Sell More with MiDash

PAIN POINTS: Lost opportunities from own disorganized database management
SOLUTION: MiDash’s AutoLead Funnel and CRM functionalities
Phinma Properties
PAIN POINTS: More sales, more efficient sales and database management system
SOLUTION: MiDash and MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service
PAIN POINTS: Generating buyers online for the  BLOQ Residences brand
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’s Smart Prospecting Service
PAIN POINTS: Cutting edge sales process, expanded sales channel
SOLUTION: MiDash and the MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service
Rockwell Primaries
PAIN POINTS: Generate buyers online and expand their sales channel
SOLUTION: MiDash Plus’ Smart Prospecting Service

PAIN POINTS: Automating and digitizing their sales process and a better database management system

All-in-one real estate sales management system with the right features

E-Sales Kit
Your E-Sales Kit
This feature will ensure that you have the latest and most up-to-date sales materials at all times.
Real time Inventory and Reservation
Real Time Reservation
Know the availability and secure the unit for your real estate buyer in real-time with this interactive feature.
Calendar and Task builder
Calendar and Task Builder
Set a reminder to make a Call, or set a Meeting ahead of schedule. Never miss those appointments anymore.
automatic lead funnel
Automatic Lead Funnel
Integrate the incoming leads from all your sales channel. Never miss any of the inquiries ever again.
Smart Prospecting / Lead Generation
Smart Prospecting
Online pre-qualified lead source with a guaranteed monthly minimum number of prospects.
CRM and Buyer Profiles
CRM System
Access your buyers and their profiles and engage anywhere and anytime to maximize your sales opportunities.